Imagine your Hazardous Material tank car on the bottom of the Colorado River on fire with a CNN Helicopter flying above.


 After this accident, are you ready for the Acronym group?                   FRA, EPA, DHS, OSHA  to name a few?

Let me, help YOU to be prepared.  Pro-action costs less than reaction! Plus hazardous material training is the law, why not have the law on your side !


About Justified

My Background

 I spent 5 years as a Hazardous Material Regulator for the Federal Railroad Administration.  Previous to working for the FRA I spent 26 years  with a Class 1 Railway as the Technical Training Manager, Hazardous Material Instructor and Emergency Responder.    I have a complete understanding of the Hazardous Material  49 Code of Federal Regulations and have developed a hazmat training program to fit your facilities railroad related hazardous material needs.  I have conducted thousands of classroom and hands on training seminars for railroads and loading / unloading facilities.  

The Company

At Justified we are dedicated to  develop and deliver industry leading hazardous material training to your hazmat employees.  We offer General Awareness, Function Specific, Safety and Security training, which are all above the standard required by 49 CFR 172.704.  


Classroom and Field Instruction

We offer training  packages to provide certification of all parts of the Code of Federal Regulations 172.704 (Awareness, Function Specific, Safety and Security) for Management and workforce  personal, record keeping  and waybill requirements for office personal and field exercises that  includes a comprehensive review of all components of a railroad tank car for your loaders or un-loaders


We are available to review, update,  and develop  your Safety Operating Plan, In-Depth Security Plan, Safety Checklists, and Hazardous Material Training programs as they pertain to the  Code of Federal Regulations .  

Additional Services & CRM

We offer additional programs such as Hearing Conservation, PPE Requirements, Fire Safety, and NEW in 2020 Crew Resource Management (CRM) which has a proven track record of increasing situational awareness,  communication and technical proficiency among your workforce.  This leads to a decreased number of incidents and a more productive environment.

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